Learn to code part time, in person, at a university.

We’d like to leverage 135 years of experience in education to help you learn the most valuable skills on the job market today.


Keep It Simple.

Code Academy classes meet three nights per week at our Omaha location. Industry professionals teach all Code Academy classes.

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A tailored experience designed for your success.

We’ve designed an experience around three consecutive courses to help students become career ready. Web Foundations is our first course and the launching point for the Code Academy. After this, students will have the option between a few focus areas such as Data Science or JavaScript. Finally, students will participate in a Capstone Experience which provides an opportunity to work with Omaha area employers on real world project teams. We offer courses three times a year and students can begin with a cohort at any of these three launching points (September, January, and April).

1. Web Foundations

14 Weeks | 3 Nights Per Week

Next course launches January 9th


This 14-week program is the foundational piece of our code curriculum. Here, students learn the essentials of code and web development. Upon completing this course, students will be proficient in HTML and CSS languages. They will also have a core understanding of design, user experience, and front-end frameworks. Outcomes for this course include the ability to build websites and deploy WordPress templates.

2. Focus Area

12 Weeks | 3 Nights Per Week

Next course launches January 9th


The Code Academy offers multiple focus areas that build upon Web Foundations. Students are encouraged to take one focus area before moving on to the capstone experience. These concentrations include JavaScript, and Data Science. We teach focus areas that are widely recognized as the most in demand amongst employers.

3. Capstone Experience

9 Weeks | 2 Nights Per Week

Next course launches April 10th


Capstone is real-world development experience. We pair students with companies to work on actual projects. With the guidance of instructors and mentors, students are tasked with building web projects and solving problems for real clients. This work provides further skill development, portfolio building, and project team experience.


Say “hello” to our lead faculty, Micah Yost.

My name is Micah Yost, and I’m the lead faculty member for the Code Academy. I would love to sit down with you for a cup of coffee and discuss your goals. Please feel free to reach out. I know Midland University Code Academy won’t be right for everyone, but maybe it’s right for you. Let’s explore the opportunity together. E-mail me for more information or to ask any questions. I look forward to meeting you.


What’s Next?

Check us out at a Code Academy open house.

We do regular open house events where you can meet faculty and students. There is free food, drinks, Q&A, and tours of our Omaha location. We’d enjoy the opportunity to meet you IRL.