Experienced faculty backed by a storied university.


In-person education

There is an advantage to learning in-person.

We believe in-person code education within a cohort program, augmented with online tools and community, creates the ideal learning environment. Many employers don’t simply want talented developers, but people who understand how to operate within a team. We’ve baked this experience into our program, creating an environment in which students learn the skills to code within a group. We also believe that relationships are critical to students education and career. In-person training provides the opportunity to spend time with other cohort members, mentors, business leaders, and instructors.

  • Build your network
  • Feel supported
  • Access to teachers
  • Environment built for learning
  • Structured program
  • Scheduled
  • Motivation to start
  • Access to local employers

Faculty and mentors

A group of experienced, connected advocates for your success.

Brock Ellis, Lead Faculty

Brock is the General Manager of Sycamore Education, an online school management and student information software company in Fremont, and Chairman of Fremont Creative Collective. He is also a graduate of Midland University. Brock is an open web evangelist and full stack developer. He enjoys reading tech blogs, browsing Stack Overflow, and coding side projects in his spare time.

Sebastian Blandon, JavaScript Instructor

Sebastian Blandon is a leader in the startup community and the instructor for our Web Foundations course at the Code Academy. He lives just outside of Omaha with his wife and young daughter. A native of Columbia, Sebastian came the U.S. about six years ago and co-founded his software development company, Parse. Parse serves an international client base, with customers around the world, from right here on the Silicon Prairie. Sebastian recently co-founded two other startups, Kiai and Divvy-Map, and both now have venture capital investment. Parse software has received multiple grants from the state of Nebraska for their innovative technology products.

Becca Kroese, Program Mentor

Becca is the co-founder of Skwintz, a Lincoln-based website and branding team. She starts her morning with a delicious cafe-au-lait. Then, she gets to work doing what she loves – making websites. After creating her first website at a young age, she discovered her love of web design and development. When Becca’s not creating new things, she enjoys coffee shops, craft beer, reading, cheese, tea, adventures, her rain boots, her husband Joe, her son, Lincoln, and Jesus.

Midland University: Omaha

Conveniently located in the heart of the city.

Midland University has been part of the Fremont community, just outside of Omaha, for many years. We are now proud to have a location in Omaha as well. Conveniently located at 114th and Dodge in the Old Mill area, we have created a space just for our Omaha students. We’d love to give you a tour, which includes conference rooms, lecture halls, class rooms, and meeting areas. We have top-notch technology throughout the space to support an ideal learning environment.