A Full Coding Program

3 Courses | 9 Months

The Midland Code Academy is a three-course program that prepares students for a career in development. Exclusive scholarships are available to students who sign up for the full Academy program.


Learn to Code in 3 Steps

Web Foundations


Capstone Experience

$3,000 in Scholarships

We encourage students to take a full program to become a career-ready developer. Because we feel so strongly about our academy model, we offer significant scholarships for those that sign up for the entire program. Students will receive $3,000 in scholarships when they are accepted to the Midland Code Academy. Take the challenge now to become a career ready developer in less than a year. We’ll do all we can to support you, starting with $3,000.


How Does This Work?

Students may take any of our courses individually, but the greatest value lies in the entire program. We offer financial incentives for those that take the three-course program. Students begin with a cohort and take three courses, one at a time. We offer classes three times a year (January, September, April), and students can begin at any point in the cycle.

Where Do I Start?

We offer each course on a revolving basis, three times a year. You can start in September, January, or April. You can take one course, or an entire program of three courses. Connect with us to learn more.


What’s Next?

Ready to learn more? Tell us a little about yourself and one of our advisors will be in touch soon.

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Web Foundations

The launching point the Midland University Code Academy. Web Foundations requires no previous coding experience. Our experienced instructors and mentors will help learn all the fundamentals of building for the internet. By the time students complete this 14-week course they will be ready to create real things for real companies.
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Focus Area

Did you know that 26% of the entire web is powered by WordPress? Or did you know JavaScript is the most popular coding language? After Foundations, you’ll take this course to develop your skills further.

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Capstone Experience

The capstone is real-world development experience. With the guidance of instructors and mentors for this 9-week course, your team will build web projects and solve problems for actual clients.
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