Focus Area

Take your foundational knowledge deeper with a focus on back-end or front-end development. Our focus areas are designed to elevate students to the professional level. By choosing a specific place to hone your skills you’ll have the opportunity to develop more marketable abilities.


Option A


Students who chose a focus on the JavaScript will build on their web foundations knowledge with the skills to become a development pro. Using primarily JavaScript, the most common programming language today, we’ll show you how to create the magic that makes web software come alive.

  • Dynamic Content

    Web pages and applications aren’t always static. Back-end developers make dynamic content change and update.

  • Talk to the Server

    Web applications need to talk to a server so they read, open, and edit files. Back-end developers make this happen.

  • Interact with a Database

    Websites and applications will almost always need to access, edit, or pull from a database of information. Back-end developers create these processes.

Option B

Data Science

Students who choose a focus on Data Science will learn how to make large sets of data meaningful using code. We’ll show you the fundamentals of organizing your data the processes you can use to visualize this content. Building on your web foundations knowledge, this course will prepare you to be a Data Science professional.

  • Create the Interface

    Learn to make data visual and meaningful

  • Organize the Data

    Learn to organize and interact with large data sets. We’ll show you how to approach data and organize it according to your desired outcomes.

  • Code Solutions

    We’ll teach you to use web development languages, and other software tools, to visualize data.


Become a Junior Developer

Our goal at the Midland University Code Academy is to prepare our students to be professional, career ready, Junior Developers. By taking one of our focus areas you’ll learn the skills you need to accomplish this. This is the class that takes you beyond the basics you might learn in a traditional coding bootcamp. This work isn’t always easy but we feel it’s critical to your success.


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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Nights

Courses meet from 6pm to 9pm at Midland University: Omaha. Next Focus Area Start Date TBA.

Tuition: $6,000.00

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