Focus Area

Take your foundational knowledge deeper with a focus on back-end or front-end development. Our focus areas are designed to elevate students to the professional level. By choosing a specific place to hone your skills you’ll have the opportunity to develop more marketable abilities.


Option A

Back-end development

Students who chose a focus on the back-end will build on their web foundations knowledge with the skills to become a development pro. Using primarily JavaScript, the most common programming language today, we’ll show you how to create the magic behind the scenes. The ideal back-end development student enjoys working with data and solving complex problems. Back-end developers are the key to making front-end designs come to life.

  • Dynamic Content

    Web pages and applications aren’t always static. Back-end developers make dynamic content change and update.

  • Talk to the Server

    Web applications need to talk to a server so they read, open, and edit files. Back-end developers make this happen.

  • Interact with a Database

    Websites and applications will almost always need to access, edit, or pull from a database of information. Back-end developers create these processes.

Option B

Front-end development

Students who choose front-end development as their focus area can expect to learn the skills to create like a pro. Using primarily JavaScript, the msot common programming language, we’ll teach you all about the look and feel of the web. Front-end development is focused on how users interact with websites and software. The ideal student enjoys the aesthetics of the web and has a desire to work on form over function.

  • Create the Interface

    Web pages and applications each have a unique visual layout. Front-end developers create this visual layout.

  • User Experience

    Front-end developers think through how users should experience the content of a web application or website.

  • Make it Responsive

    Front-end developers make web based programs work on all types of device sizes and browsers.


Become a JavaScript pro

Our focus areas are built around the JavaScript programming language, the most popular language in use today. JavaScript is a broad and diverse language that can be used to accomplish many things. Over the 12 weeks of this Focus area students will get in-depth instruction on either the front or back side of web development. Those that complete the course will be proficient in JavaScript for their chosen area and ready to start working on professional projects.


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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Nights

Courses meet from 6pm to 9pm at Midland University: Omaha. The next Focus Area courses launch in January. Application deadline is December 15th.

Tuition: $6,000.00

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