Getting Started is Easy

Admissions Instructions

Our goal is to get to know you and your background better through your application to the Midland Code Academy. To begin, simply complete the steps below.

  • Fill out the online application
  • Submit the materials described below
  • Schedule your interview
  • Complete your Coding 101 preparatory work

We are now accepting applications for the Spring and Summer 2019 program starts.
Applications for our Spring start are due by March 1, 2019.

Application Documents

Submit Documents

Personal Statement

Applicants should submit a personal statement to help us get to know you and understand why you are interested in furthering your education at Midland. It should address the topics below in no more than two pages.

  • Describe your educational and career path to date. How will enrolling in the Code Academy either accelerate or change that path?
  • Describe one time you have failed at something. What did you learn from that experience?
  • How might other Midland students benefit from your background, experiences and values?


Applicants should submit a 1-page resume highlighting their employment and educational background. The employment section should include locations, titles and dates. The education section should also include dates of attendance and any degrees received.


Interviews will last roughly 30-45 minutes, and will be a chance for students to meet personally with the director of the Code Academy and discuss their interest in joining the upcoming class. These interviews can take place either at Midland University: Omaha or on our Fremont campus.

Please reach out to your advisor to set up a time that will work for all parties.

Coding 101

In preparation for an intensive study of code, all applicants will be required to complete a Coding 101 bootcamp. This can be completed in-person at one of our upcoming events or online. Access to the online modules can be granted through your advisor, after the beginning of the application process.

This bootcamp will take approximately 3-4 hours, and will establish some fundamental skills that allow all Code Academy students to begin at a similar level.


After Acceptance

Once you’ve been accepted into the Code Academy and have decided to get started, you’ll need to work closely with your advisor to finalize all the logistics of a new program.

We will require a $250 deposit to secure your place in the class. This deposit will apply to your total balance at Midland and will trigger your enrollment in class. You can pay your deposit online or by check.

We will also work with you to finalize your payment or loans plan, scholarships and confirm your laptop for your first class.