Coding 101

Our Coding 101 workshop familiarizes students with the fundamentals of building websites. This workshop is for anyone who is new to coding and would like to know what to expect in the Midland Code Academy. We have a video instruction series that is able to provide the same content from our in-person Coding 101 workshop, in the event we are unable to host you at our Omaha location.

This workshop also serves as a prerequisite course for our Code Academy. All Coding 101 events are open to the public.

Below are the sections that will be covered, with checkpoints along the way to help you monitor your progress. In the event you have a question or need some clarification, feel free to reach out to your advisor, or email

Section 1: General Overview

This section will provide you with a basic overview of how the internet works and what will be covered in this video series.

Section 2: HTML

In this video, you will learn the basics of Hypertext Markup Language, or HTML. By the end of the video you will be able to create very simple web pages with no style. You will also understand the basics of how web pages are displayed in the browser.

Section 3: CSS

This video will bring you through the basics of Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS, and styling web sites. It will build off your knowledge form the HTML video and provide you with the skills needed to build a final project for Coding 101.

Section 4: Final Project

In this video, you will be given guidelines for your final project. This project will test your knowledge from the first four videos.

Section 5: GitHub

In the final video you will learn how to take your finished project and upload it to GitHub to be hosted via GitHub Pages. You’ll create a final link, which can be emailed to your Midland advisor, or to

Section 6: Next Steps

Our goal at the Midland University Code Academy is to prepare our students to be professional, career ready, Junior Developers. Beginning with this Coding 101 workshop, you’ll learn the skills you need to launch your new career.