Code Academy Requirements

Our focus is on making you a career-ready coder, meaning no previous coding or programming experience is required to join the Code Academy. We’ll start off with the foundations, and prepare you to be a junior developer in 12 weeks.


Coding 101

In order to be fully accepted into the Code Academy, you will need to complete a Coding 101 bootcamp. This can be completed in person at one of our upcoming events or online. Access to the online modules can be granted through your advisor, after beginning the application process.

This bootcamp will take approximately 3-4 hours, and will establish some fundamental skills that allow all Code Academy students to begin at a similar level.


Technical Requirements

You can learn to code on any laptop, and we want you to use a machine that you’re comfortable with. If you don’t have a laptop today, we’ll provide a new MacBook Air to you upon your enrollment in the Code Academy. If you already have a laptop you would prefer to use, additional scholarship support will be available in place of this device.