Terms and Conditions

Laptop Offer

Students enrolling in Code Academy classes beginning in January 2020, May 2020 or September 2020 will receive a MacBook Air (laptop) at their enrollment, subject to the following conditions:

  • The laptop will be the MacBook Air 1.6GHz, 128GB storage model (or equivalent).
  • The laptop will be distributed to students at orientation. Students may qualify to pick up their laptop as early as one week before the start of classes, upon payment of their first student bill.
  • Laptops remain the property of Midland University until the completion of the Code Academy. At that point, as long as the student has remained in good academic, financial, and disciplinary standing with the University, the laptop will become the property of the student. Tax implications are the responsibility of the recipient.
  • The equivalent value of the laptop ($1,000) may be taken as scholarship support in lieu of receiving the laptop.

Privacy Policy

Personal or contact information gathered from prospective students will be kept by Midland University until the student chooses to opt-out. Any data provided may be used for admissions purposes, but will never be sold to an outside party.